A Perfect Diversion: Local Bites Cooking Classes

With so many things cancelled, rescheduled, or changed in recent months, finding new things to do has been a key in our house for staying mentally healthy. In keeping with that goal, yesterday my daughter and I took an online cooking class called Anytime Gingerbread. Admittedly, I’m a little over all things virtual and couldContinue reading “A Perfect Diversion: Local Bites Cooking Classes”

5 Kids Podcasts That They’ll Love (And You Won’t Hate)

We just got back from a long road trip – ten hours each way with a 20-month-old and a four-year-old. I love a good game of “I Spy” as much as the next person, but… Audio books and kids podcasts were life saving for this trip. Plus, they’ve become a staple in our house forContinue reading “5 Kids Podcasts That They’ll Love (And You Won’t Hate)”

Bitcoin Pre-101: A Beginner’s Introduction to Bitcoin

Without looking at anything, take a guess on what year Bitcoin was created. My guess would have been 2015, maybe 2014. The answer: 2009!?!? For almost 10 years, Bitcoin has been floating around and, as far as I know, doing nothing but confusing people and testing the outer limits of my mental gymnastics/intellectual imagination. TodayContinue reading “Bitcoin Pre-101: A Beginner’s Introduction to Bitcoin”

Daily Skincare Routine: What’s Necessary and Why

Now that I read a number of blogs, I see a few topics that seem to come up regularly. One of those topics is face and skincare and the many things associated with it: what products to use, what routines to follow, what should you do and how often should you do it, etc., etc.Continue reading “Daily Skincare Routine: What’s Necessary and Why”

Why (and How) I Started Practicing Mindfulness Meditation

After I did a series of fitness posts a few weeks back, a good friend suggested that I check out meditation. She argued that the health benefits of meditation rivaled those of working out and that I would be making a mistake to focus solely on a running or fitness routine without integrating meditation. HerContinue reading “Why (and How) I Started Practicing Mindfulness Meditation”

Book Club All-Time-Favorites List

I’ve had the privilege of being in the same book club for the last eight years. A lot has changed in that time – people have moved away, new members have joined, babies have been born, weddings have been celebrated. But at the same time, much has stayed the same. We meet once a monthContinue reading “Book Club All-Time-Favorites List”

10 Children’s Books that You and Your Kids Will Love

We love books in our house, and our shelves are overflowing with children’s books of all kinds. Yet, we often fall into a rut of reading some of the same books over and over again. While these are great, there’s a lot to be said for throwing some new material in the mix! With thatContinue reading “10 Children’s Books that You and Your Kids Will Love”